Resting with theatre in Avignon

Posted on Jul 26, 2015
Resting with theatre in Avignon

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July 26, 2015

Rest-day. We are in Avignon. Washing clothes, reading newspapers, eating lunch on Ronja and witnessing the Edit Piaf interpretation as part of the theatre festival. Great experience. Flapping around haphazardly. Looking at the people. The joy, the mood, expectations. We see another performance – a poetic, outdoor performance without words loaded with poetry about a line-dancer, who meets a man, lives with him and struggling with all the problems that can happen when two people from different worlds meet. Beautiful.

The theatre festival in Avignon takes much more time than we have. Next time we will come for longer, read the 400 page program and carefully pick out the things that do not require much French-language skills.

Avignon theater festival marketing

Everything in Avignon is about theatre for a month

Party streets Avignon

It is fantastic to be part of the theatre festival of Avignon. The streets are conquered by lively musicians, magicians, actors – and also this not so lively participant

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