Fun to look inside Monaco, but please do not make us stay there

Posted on Sep 20, 2016
Fun to look inside Monaco, but please do not make us stay there

43° 44′ 13.0308” N 7° 25′ 42.2004” E

September 20 – 2016

What do you do, when 40,000 inhabitants and a lot of tourists have to live in just 197 hectares? You stack them. You make sure that several basements are reserved for roads and parking lots. You make sure, that the next floors over the basement floors are reserved for shopping streets, and that the next 20-30 floors are residential areas.

It takes planning, and they are obviously good at that in Monaco. A bit like in Hong Kong. In Monaco however, they have even more Ferraris and Porches in the streets and even more marble tiles on the sidewalks.

We chose to ignore the tiny state as we passed it during our French-Italian Odysee. A few days later however we had a sneak peek at the small principality, when we were hiking there from our harbour in Menton.

It’s fun enough to visit Monaco. But it will never be a preferred target for us. Allready when you look at Monaco harbour, you get the same feeling as in St. Tropez – that everything is about looks, everything is about appearing as flashy as possible, the harbour is all about paying service to the multimillionaire yachts.

There is nothing wrong with that. Monaco sends a signal about how they want the port to be seen. Many people may like that. We do not.

Monaco french riviera

Monaco seen from the sea. The European Manhattan somebody says. Well, probably they are not quite right.

watersports Monaco

Smart in Monaco. Man practices going on the water…

watersports failure Monaco

… It is of course not easy. Pride comes before a big splash :-

Monaco seaside Mediterranean

Seen from the sea Monaco is a charming blend of new and old

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